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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a driving force for the financial digitalization of millions globally, resulting in an immense rise or even take-up of digital banking platform usage by financial users. This new trend has a plethora of advantages both for users and financial businesses (FBs), and our COBIS Everywhere solution was specifically designed to empower this transformation- the need for reliable, agile, and secure virtual financial products and services, anytime, and anywhere.

Digital Banking Stats

A Mastercard and America Market Intelligence report illustrates the staggering shift in Latin America to digital banking. The study showed that before the pandemic only 45% of Latin Americans made an online transaction; but, by the end of 2020, digital financial service usage increased to 83%, with 50 million users shopping online for the first time. In addition, the need for access to government aid during the COVID crisis promulgated the banking of more than 40 million people in the region this past year.

These statistics demonstrate the immense growth in the popularity of digital platforms in the Americas, and this digital growth is just beginning, as individuals seek more financial accessibility and convenience.

COBIS Everywhere: the Best Tool for Your Digital Banking Offering


Given this new reality of banking, FBs must invest in virtual service channels to remain relevant in this ever-more-digital financial service market. Perfecting tools, such as internet banking and mobile banking, will enable FBs to respond to the new needs of their current and future customers.

COBIS Everywhere does just that- the customer-oriented omnichannel manager provides unparalleled access to financial services anytime, anywhere, and from any device, without the need to visit a bank branch. The offering was designed specifically for the digital empowerment of FBs and their customers. Its flexibility, ease-of-use, and functional richness empowers FBs to create, install, and provide key digital financial tools, such as: internet banking, mobile banking, chatbots, omnichannel banking, ATM services, and more.

COBIS Everywhere provides financial users with digital access to all the financial products and services through various virtual channels and functionalities. It works under a cloud-SaaS service modality to guarantee agility with its speed, reliability with its convenient virtual access, and added security with its powerful AI capabilities (biometric identification and more).

COBIS Everywhere accelerates and fortifies the digital transformation of FBs, providing them with one of the most powerfully digital financial solutions in the market. 

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